MIC Connects – Advanced 3T MRI Technology

Meet our newest addition: The Siemens Vida 3T MRI

MIC is ready to launch our most advanced piece of medical technology: the Siemens MAGNETOM Vida 3T MRI which is up and running at our Century Park clinic. This new scanner is a game-changer for medical imaging in our community-based clinics, providing images that are ?stunning? according to our radiologists.

The 3T gives us the ability to start offering breast and prostate MRIs in addition to a full range of musculoskeletal, vascular and neurological exams. It is a significant step forward in our commitment to imaging excellence.

MIC offers the most advanced medical imaging

MIC is the first radiology practice in Edmonton to add a 3T MRI scanner to our suite of advanced medical imaging technologies. The Siemens Vida 3T MRI is identical to the latest equipment being installed in Alberta hospitals and will greatly enhance our diagnostic capabilities.

MIC now has three MRI scanners: a 3T and 1.5T at Century Park and a 3T at Terra Losa. This means we can offer many patients next-day MRI appointments.

How we will schedule the 3T and 1.5T scanners

There are certain exams that will only be done on the Vida 3T ? breast, brain (seizure, sella and concussion), brachial plexus, lumbar plexus, hips, long bones, fingers, abdomen, pelvis, thoracic, prostate and high-contrast MR angiography. For all other MRI exams, our booking staff will make an appointment on either the 3T or the 1.5T based on the type of scan. Before your patient?s MRI, one of our radiologists will review your requisition form to ensure they are booked on the best scanner for their needs.

MIC?s expert radiologists review every image

All scans on our community-based 3T and 1.5T MRIs are reviewed by the same specialized radiologists who interpret MRI scans at the Kaye Edmonton Clinic and the University, Stollery, Mazankowski, Royal Alexandra and Grey Nuns hospitals. Once your patient?s MRI is complete, our radiologist will review the images and send you a detailed report, usually within 24 hours.

Booking information for your patients

Community MRIs are not insured by Alberta Health. Our booking staff will confirm the cost when your patients call to make an appointment. Many patients who have their MRIs done at our community locations are reimbursed for some, or all, of the cost through their health spending accounts or extended health benefits. All patients booking an MRI will need to have a requisition form.

We look forward to welcoming your patients to our MRI suites. If you have any questions, please contact Simone Touw, our Client Relations Manager, at 780.702.0597 or Email.