MIC Connects – New Breast Cancer Screening Protocol for Dense Breasts

ABUS is changing the way MIC radiologists see dense breast tissue.

MIC Medical Imaging is now offering screening automated breast ultrasounds using the Invenia Automated Breast Ultrasound System (ABUS).

For women with dense breasts, our new screening protocol will be a Digital Breast Tomosynthesis mammogram and ABUS. This combination has been shown to increase detection of breast cancer by up to 36%.

ABUS was designed specifically for breast ultrasounds and offers patients a comfortable and quick exam. A wide field-ofview transducer automatically scans the entire breast acquiring volumetric image datasets.

With 3D ultrasound volumes and ABUS software, our radiologists can look through hundreds of breast tissue images ?slices?, examining layers of dense tissue to find breast cancers which may have been missed on a mammogram. The images from ABUS allow our radiologists to see in projections that routine ultrasound cannot, improving our ability to detect more breast cancers with fewer false positives.

You can begin referring patients for ABUS exams using the MIC General Requisition form for women who are:

  • Over 40 and identified as having dense breasts on a screening mammogram.
  • Under 40 and not in the target group for regular mammograms, but who require high-risk screening.

MIC?s radiologists may also recommend your patients have an ABUS exam as part of their breast cancer screening if they have dense breast tissue.

This is an important addition to our breast imaging services and we are pleased to be the first radiology practice in the Edmonton area offering ABUS to patients.

We look forward to welcoming your patients to our clinics.